Access your services, from anywhere.

Get easy access to your private services from another network or the Internet through a secure tunnel.

inlets PRO is how you connect services between networks whatever kind of network conditions they are running in. It replaces opening firewall-ports, setting up VPNs, managing IP ranges, and keeping track of port-fowarding rules.

inlets PRO is fast and easy to use

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A better way to connect

Connect your applications securely without the hassle of VPNs, or the limitations of SaaS tunnels.

Connect anything, anywhere.

inlets PRO is a Software Defined Network (SDN) for connecting applications. It has been designed to be Cloud Native, and run in containers or VMs.

The inlets PRO client speaks first, establishing an outbound connection over HTTPS. This works through almost any network conditions and means that you do not need to open ports, configure routers, or send an engineer on site.

All traffic is sent over an encrypted websocket using HTTPS which works well with HTTP proxies, VPNs, and VM networks. Setup your inlets PRO server on a public VM, or in a Kubernetes cluster, and then have your client or customer run the inlets PRO client with its address and authentication token.

  • No sweat webhooks

    Not only can you share your websites and APIs without publishing them on public cloud, but you can integrate directly with webhooks from Stripe, GitHub and Slack..

  • Save costs on cloud, go hybrid

    Whether you need to connect your customer's on-prem to your SaaS, or you have an expensive GPU sitting idle. Connecting your existing investment to the public cloud services could save you money.

  • Stay in control of your data

    By self-hosting the tunnel server, you remain in complete control of your own data. No SaaS product can offer you this.

  • Host services on private Kubernetes clusters

    Whether your cluster is on a private cloud, or your laptop, get a TCP LoadBalancer just like on a managed cloud platform.

  • Scale to thousands of services

    inlets tunnels are light-weight and can scale massively to support thousands of tunnels without additional subnets and firewall rules.

Feature Comparison

To save you time, we've already compared inlets PRO to VPNs and managed SaaS tunnels.

VPN SAAS Tunnel Inlets PRO
Setup Cost High Low Low
Public TCP Ports None Randomly Allocated/High ports ANY
Connection Rate-limiting Unlimited 60-260/min Unlimited
Expose with a Domain
Custom Domains (extra cost)
Connect Services Without Exposing Them
Kubernetes LoadBalancer integration
Data Sovereignty
Compatible Network Configurations NAT HTTP_PROXY, NAT and Captive Portals HTTP_PROXY, NAT and Captive Portals

"We use inlets instead of Ngrok while developing with webhooks for our live chat product. This helps us develop integrations with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google Business, without facing rate-limits."

"Paying for inlets PRO actually saved me money on hosting all my side-projects."

Maartje Eyskens, cert-manager maintainer

"We're using inlets PRO to power our staging environments and give people preview build URLs. It's going great!"

"Thanks to the inlets-operator, I can now test cert-manager during development on my local Kubernetes cluster"

Maël Valais, Kubernetes engineer

"We offer managed Kubernetes to regulated institutions in Switzerland. Our customers' VPCs do not allow for any incoming connections, so we use inlets to connect their OpenShift clusters to our product."

“We build a suite of managed products for Kubernetes, and inlets means that we can test our code locally without rebuilding and redeploying it for every change”

Janos Matyas, Banzai Cloud

"Inlets PRO makes it easy for us to provide secure service and support of our Sense AI Platform deployed through cloud marketplaces, helping us deliver value sooner for our enterprise customers."

Frequently asked questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, you can request a free 14-day trial here

Do I have to expose my applications on the Internet?

No, inlets PRO can bind to a private or local ethernet adapter, so that only the control-plane is available publicly through an encrypted websocket.

How does the licensing work?

The license is issued as a fixed-term JWT token. The license is part of the client, so you do not have to re-create your servers. Update your clients with the renewed license when you have it.

What happens when my license expires?

For personal users and small businesses the client will continue to run until restarted, you should renew with ample notice.

What is a tunnel-pair?

A "tunnel-pair" is an inlets PRO client and server - both parts form a tunnel. inlets PRO is self-hosted software.

Can I use my personal license at work and at home?

Yes, you can use your personal license at work as well as at home. You can use it working on your personal projects as well as your projects in your company. Read more.

How do I pay for inlets PRO?

Prices are listed in USD for international customers, but charged in GBP. You can pay via PayPal or Stripe using the OpenFaaS Ltd Store. Enterprise customers can pay by invoice and bank transfer.

Where can I use inlets PRO?

Inlets PRO can be used in any network because the client makes an outbound connection first to establish its link. This includes: NAT, Carrier Grade NAT (CGN), VPCs, containers, Kubernetes and even hotel WiFi. If you want to test your network conditions, just take out a free 14-day trial at any time.

Is inlets Open Source?

inlets, inlets-operator, and inletsctl are all licensed as MIT. inlets PRO has a proprietary license.

Can I pay for inlets PRO monthly?

Inlets PRO is currently available for a minimum purchase of 12-months.

What if I want to add more "tunnel-pairs" during a period?

You can pay pro-rata to add more tunnels to your package.

Does inlets PRO "call home"?

We trust our users to purchase the correct license for their usage and so inlets PRO doesn't include a "call home" mechanism. In return we provide a simple fixed-term license key.

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