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Secure TCP tunnels that
work anywhere*

Built to connect Cloud Native applications


The right price for you, whoever you are


£ 25 /month
  • Unlimited tunnels for personal use

  • Works with HTTP or TCP traffic

  • Community Support

  • Access to dozens of tutorials and complementary OSS projects

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from £ 125 /month
  • Includes 5 tunnels

  • Licensed for commercial use

  • Integrates directly with Kubernetes services

  • Each additional tunnel - £20 / month

  • Expand your public IP range

  • Keep control of your data

  • Community support


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  • Email support

  • Bulk pricing

  • Management add-on

  • Proof of concept (upon request)

Try before you buy

With a free trial, you can enjoy unlimited use of inlets PRO for 14-days, risk free.

A better way to connect

Secure site-to-site tunnels without the hassle of a VPN

Connect anything, anywhere.

From within your private network, the inlets PRO client makes an outbound connection to the inlets PRO server to establish a tunnel. This means that virtually any conditions are fair game. There is no need to file a ticket to IT to open ports, or to hire a consultant to configure your VPN and IPAM range.

All traffic is sent over an encrypted websocket using HTTPS, meaning that a corporate HTTP proxy is not a problem for connectivity. Setup your inlets PRO server on a public VM, or in a Kubernetes cluster, and then have your client or customer run the inlets PRO client with its address and token.

  • Hybrid cloud, done right

    Whether you need to connect your customer's on-prem to your SaaS, or you have an expensive GPU sitting idle. Connect private cloud to public cloud without the hassle of a VPN.

  • Stay in control of your data

    Unlike a SaaS tunnel, you remain in complete control of your data, keeping it private and under your control; as it should be.

  • Native Kubernetes LoadBalancer integration

    Unlike the incumbent SaaS tunnels, inlets PRO was designed for the cloud and integrates directly to Kubernetes. Expose services as LoadBalancers with public IPs, tunnel services privately, or use your IngressController and LetsEncrypt.

  • Expand your IP range, instantly

    inlets tooling can automatically provision tunnel servers on cloud VMs for you, expanding your IP range without filing tickets with your helpdesk.

Feature Comparison

VPN SAAS Tunnel Inlets PRO
Public TCP Ports None Randomly Allocated/High ports ANY
Expose with Domain
Custom Domains (extra cost)
Connect Services Without Exposing Them
Connection Rate-limiting Unlimited 60-260/min Unlimited
Kubernetes Integration
Setup Cost High Low Low
Compatible Network Configurations NAT HTTP_PROXY, NAT and Captive Portals HTTP_PROXY, NAT and Captive Portals

"We offer managed Kubernetes to regulated institutions in Switzerland. Our customers' VPCs do not allow for any incoming connections, so we use inlets to connect their OpenShift clusters to our product."

“We build a suite of managed products for Kubernetes, and inlets means that we can test our code locally without rebuilding and redeploying it for every change”

Janos Matyas, Banzai Cloud

Frequently asked questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, you can request a free 14-day trial here

How does the licensing work?

You purchase a license code which will be delivered as a JWT token, when it expires the software will stop working, so you should renew your license and update your key when that time approaches. The license is part of the client, so you do not have to re-create your servers.

What is a tunnel-pair?

A tunnel-pair is an inlets PRO client and server. You need both to create a functioning tunnel.

What if we need custom development, support or a proof of concept?

This is available at a further cost

Do I have to expose my applications on the Internet?

No, inlets PRO can bind to a private or local ethernet adapter, so that only the control-plane is available publicly over a secure websocket.

Can I pay for inlets PRO monthly?

Inlets PRO licenses have a 12 month duration for business use, and 6 or 12-months for personal use.

What if I want to add more tunnel pairs during a period?

You can pay pro-rata to add more tunnels to your package.

Where can I use inlets PRO?

Inlets PRO can be used in any network because the client makes an outbound connection first to establish its link. This includes: NAT, Carrier Grade NAT (CGN), VPCs, containers, Kubernetes and even hotel WiFi. If you want to test your network conditions, just take out a free 14-day trial at any time.

Does inlets PRO "call home"?

We trust our users to purchase the correct license for their usage, and in return we make licensing simple with a fixed-term license.

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